John and Monica McDivitt with their daughter, Sam

                 John and Monica McDivitt with their daughter, Sam

"When Harvey struck the Houston area, I asked God to lead me to a family that needed a miracle. Weeks later, I was told about the McDivitt Family. (Please Watch the video to hear the McDivitt's tell their story).

John and Monica McDivitte’s 1-story home was completely flooded in Hurricane Harvey.  They have a 16 year old daughter who is special needs.  Her mental development is consistent with a toddler, and she is deaf, non-verbal and wheel-chair bound.

On Sunday, August 27th the water rose so rapidly that by the time they realized it might flood their home, they couldn’t leave with their vehicles because of flooding in the street.  On Monday, August 28th, water began entering their home through the front and back doors and the garage.  They called 911 for a rescue, and the 911 operator said they would get help to them.  After several hours of waiting on a rescue, water was rising in their home and began coming in through the toilet.  John became concerned about their safety, and they decided to walk out to higher ground.

Because the water was waist deep outside their house, they put Sam out the dining room window onto a surf board with the family dog.  They could only take the clothes they were wearing and some medicine and supplies for Sam that they put in a backpack.  They walked her to higher ground and waited on a big truck to take them and others being rescued to a shelter.  Later that evening, some friends picked them up from the shelter and they have been living with them since that day. They have no flood insurance and don’t know how they can rebuild their house and their lives.  

With your help, WE ARE AIMING TO RAISE $200K to help them do just that—rebuild their lives and their home. You can help by donating ANY amount today. 100% of all donations, securely goes directly to the McDivitt's home restoration.


Please…Let’s be a blessing to this family. You can follow me on social media or keep checking this page to see the running total from donations. 

             Thank you in advance, and much love to you all!"

                                     -TC Stallings